Young Superstar does it again

Along with thousands of other students, Azaan Maqbool just got his GCSE result. He'd worked hard and expected to get a grade 9 (highest grade). He was not disappointed. This may not seem extraordinary—just one more student among thousands— until you discover that Azaan sat the exam when he was just 11 years old, his chosen subject is Physics, and this is the second year in a row he has succeeded at Grade 9 at GCSE having pulled off the same achievement in Maths last year.
But this is far from his only accomplishment. Last year, having benefited from remote tutoring to get his Maths GCSE in only three months of study, he was inspired to try and help other students. Having experienced home schooling due to lockdown, he knew that there was a need for affordable tutoring both to help people like himself who want to study outside of the curriculum, and for students who have fallen behind because of loss of schooling. As a result, he founded his own edtech platform to help connect other students with affordable tuition. Sprout9 ( has been running for less than a year, but already well over 400 lessons have been booked via the platform with more students and tutors signing up all the time.
But the young powerhouse is not content to rest on his laurels. In addition to full time schooling, studying for Physics GCSE, and running a business, he took part in a charity fundraising project, organised by his school (Tiffin Grammar School) to raise money for LEPRA. He set himself the ambitious target of £2500 - enough to cure 100 leprosy sufferers. And he's done it! He raised an impressive £2687.00. (
LEPRA are understandably impressed by his achievements. They arranged a special visit for Azaan with some of their field workers when they came to the UK recently. And they created this special video just for him.
Not only are Azaan's achievements remarkable in such a young person, but they can act as an inspiration for others to follow.
We can only wonder what more Azaan will achieve by the time he is an adult.
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