Online tutor-student pairing platform, inspired by the experience of one student who needed to find a tutor.

For Students

Sprout 9 offers students a chance to get additional support with their learning. Whether you need help with a subject not taught in your school, you've set yourself a stretch goal, or have fallen behind and need help to catch up, you can find a tutor, available at a time to suit you, who can help you reach your goals.

On the Sprout9 platform you can search for well-qualified, enthusiastic tutors by subject, level, and the language(s) they can teach in.

You can see their profile and availability. You can compare tutors before making a decision. You can even send a message to a tutor before booking a class, if you have any questions.

You are not tied to a contract—book only the number of classes you want, when you want them.

It is free to register on the site, and easy to set up your profile. You can find your new tutor today.

Benefits of using Sprout9

  • One-to-one tuition
  • Classes are online, so you study at home (or any other place of your choice!)
  • Convenient times - schedule your classes directly through the platform, with automatic time zone adjustment.
  • Competitive pricing
  • Secure payments to tutors and money-back guarantee

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For Tutors

If you are a tutor looking for more students, this is an ideal place to find them. Whatever your area of expertise, if you have the knowledge and the desire to share it you can find new students wanting to learn from you.

It is free to register and easy to set up your profile. You control your own prices and availability.

When students book classes, you will be notified through your profile and by email. The lesson is paid for at the time of booking, and the funds released to you once the lesson is complete.

Benefits of using Sprout9

  • Worldwide showcase for your skills
  • A global pool of students looking for your expertise
  • A chance to set your prices on a global platform
  • The opportunity to build your portfolio of experience
  • You only work the hours you want
  • Secure payments managed through the platform – students pay at the time of booking

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For Parents

You want to support your child's education, but you have concerns about cost, qualifications, having to transport your child to and from their lessons, and safety. Sprout9 will make your life easier and remove your anxiety.

You will find a choice of tutors with verified qualifications, in a wide range of subjects. If you can't see the subject or level you want, you can contact the Sprout9 team for help. Tutors' profiles, availability and charges are clearly displayed for your convenience.

You can also send a secure message via the platform before booking a class with them.

How it works

Your child registers as a student – it is a free registration process and very quick and easy. You should do this with your child, so you know their log-in details.

A quick search on the home page provides a list of tutors for your chosen subject / level. You can then check out their profiles and availability and book a class.

You pay for the lesson when you book it, and the money is held in a secure account until after the lesson has been delivered, giving you financial peace of mind.

If you are not happy with the quality of the lesson, you can contact us directly with your feedback, and we will offer a refund if the circumstances warrant it.

Your child studies at home, so you know they are safe, and you can keep an eye on them if you want.

You book the lesson for a time that works for you and your family.

Your child receives high quality, one-to-one tuition.

You can choose to observe the lesson.

However, we strongly recommend that if parents are present during the child's lesson, they remain at a distance and do not interact directly with the tutor during the class. If a parent becomes too involved it can disrupt the child's concentration and learning experience, overshadow the tutor / pupil relationship and damage the child's confidence as they believe their parent doesn't trust them to learn on their own.

Benefits of using Sprout9

  • A safe and secure learning experience
  • Lessons take place in the comfort of your own home
  • A range of pricing options from different tutors
  • Flexible availability. You pick the time that works best for you.
  • You can check out the tutor before booking a class. Read their profile and send them a message.
  • Secure payment safeguards your investment in your child's future.

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