Frequently Asked Questions


What currencies do you accept?
Sprout9 is currently able to accept payments in three currencies —US$, Sterling Pounds, and Euros.
How do I know my money is safe?
Sprout 9 uses an escrow system. Lessons are paid for when booked, so that the tutor knows the money is there. Once the lesson has been delivered and marked as complete, then the money is released. This means the student and their parents are confident the tutor will provide the service paid for.

For tutors

How much do I charge for a lesson?
You decide how much to charge. But be aware that some students will choose a tutor on price, so take a look at what other tutors are charging.
Can I charge extra to mark homework?
Yes. You can charge extra, as long as you make it clear. In your lesson description you should mention that this cost does not include marking homework, and state how much you will charge if the student / parent wants homework set and marked
Can I charge extra for preparation time?
Yes. If you feel that a lesson requires exceptional preparation—for example if you have to create mock exam questions—then you can charge. But this needs to be clear to the student / parents from the beginning.
What should I include in my profile?
Your profile should include a clear picture (head and shoulders, looking towards the camera.) It should include your qualifications in the subject(s) you teach, along with your teaching qualifications and experience. Other general information relevant to teaching and / or your subject can also be included. You DO NOT need to include any personal information such as age, family, or social.
How do I get paid?
Once approved, your profile will go live on the site. When students book lessons with you, they pay upfront. Once the lesson has been delivered it will be marked as completed. You will be paid by bank transfer at the end of the month, for all lessons delivered in that month.

For students and their parents / guardians

How do I find a tutor?
You can search the website for a tutor by subject. You can also add the level you are looking for and if you want the subject taught in a specific language. For example, mathematics taught in Spanish
How do I know if the tutor is any good?
We are introducing a rating system for tutors. Students will be asked to leave a rating between 1 to 5 stars and also have the option to leave a written review. It will take time for this system to build a meaningful profile, but if every student adds to it from their experience, it will soon be possible to see at a glance how many lessons a tutor has given and their average rating.
Why are some lessons cheaper than others?
There are a number of factors that can influence pricing. It may be that a tutor is less experienced (this doesn't mean they're less qualified or a worse teacher, just that they're new to teaching online). It may be that they live in a country where the cost of living is lower. They may simply wish to earn more (or less) money. Some tutors have this as their main source of income, while others do it part time in addition to another source of income.
How do I know if a tutor is genuine?
All the tutors on the site are vetted before their profiles go live. This means the team has checked out their credentials, and had a video interview with them.
If you ever have any concerns about a tutor, please notify us immediately so that we can investigate.