About Sprout9

Sprout 9 is designed to help students reach goals and realise dreams. It's a quick and easy way to find learning support through one-to-one tuition which is geared precisely to the needs of the individual student. It is offered at a convenient time, pitched at the right level, and uses teaching methods that suit the individual.
A worldwide pool of tutors allows flexible scheduling outside of traditional normal working hours. Our tutors can work from anywhere, and this often represents fantastic value in terms of lesson cost for our students.
The platform has been designed to help anyone learn anything, but in general there are three main reasons why a child and their family may be looking for a tutor.
Firstly, when schooling has been disrupted (for example by COVID-19) or a child is struggling with the style of teaching available, so they are falling behind their peers and their age-appropriate level. Even a short course of one-to-one sessions can fill in knowledge gaps, present the information in new and more meaningful ways, and rebuild student confidence. They can then go on to greater success in school and life.
The second group of students are those who wish to study a particular subject not currently on their school curriculum. For example, they may want to learn a language that is not in much demand, or another subject that is outside of the mainstream. Affordable, one-to-one tuition means they have the option to pursue the subject of their choice, and they're likely to make excellent progress because they're motivated and the tuition is tailored exactly to that one student. They will learn more than just the subject. They will learn about finding solutions, and about chasing dreams.
The final group are those students who want to challenge themselves and go beyond what is expected of them at school. They may want to study for exams early, or even take on more subjects than their school timetable allows. Sprout9's founder (see below) is one such student who wanted to stretch himself, and this formed the basis of the platform. These students learn not to be limited by other people's expectations.

About our founder

Azaan Maqbool is someone who doesn't just like challenges—he thrives on them. A desire to explore new opportunities and test their own limits is a common trait among successful entrepreneurs and the driving force behind successful startups. He's also always had an interest in, and aptitude for, puzzle-solving and maths, along with technical and science subjects.
In March 2021, due to COVID-19, Azaan was homeschooled like millions of others. He seized the opportunity to challenge himself and complete his maths GCSE five years early. He only had a few months to complete the syllabus but was determined to achieve the top grade (9). He had support from his parents, but nevertheless he needed more help if he was going to reach his goal.
Initially, his father found a local tutor and booked a few sessions for him to work with Azaan. Because of the lockdown, all lessons had to be online. They quickly realized that location wasn't important. His second tutor lived in Sri Lanka and charged much less, which meant more lessons in the budget.
Azaan realised that there was a way both students and tutors from around the world could benefit from a platform that brings them together. Many children would benefit from additional tutoring, for a variety of reasons, but parents can't always find a suitable tutor who can offer convenient hours at a price they can afford. And there are many gifted and knowledgeable tutors who can provide a great service but need a way to reach out to their students.
Luckily Azaan wasn't the only technically minded member of his family. His father had already built a global trading platform, and so he was perfectly positioned to help his son with this next challenge.
Sprout9 has grown from Azaan's personal experience and his desire to help other children take advantage of additional educational opportunities. The name reflects his philosophy of nurturing seedlings and striving for the best result (Grade 9).
Azaan obtained an A* (Grade 9) in his Maths GCSE in 2021. Even before receiving his result, though, he had already moved on to learning to code, and setting up this business.
Since then, he took Physics GCSE in 2022, studying for and sitting the exam at the age of 11. He once more achieved a grade 9.
In between his normal school, his business, and his additional studying, Azaan somehow manages to find time for other activities. In the summer of 2022, in association with his school, he undertook a fundraising challenge for LEPRA. He set himself the goal of helping 100 patients – a target of £2500. A goal which he smashed, raising a total of £2687.00 and getting personal thank yous from staff and patients alike

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What other founders are saying

“If you could make it cool to learn, you could have a bigger effect on the world than Google.”
Paul Graham Via Twitter
“I launched an education startup at 22 years old, which now (at 35) seems like a crazy young age to do so. Azaan bested me by 50%, launching http://Sprout9.net at just 11 years old. I foresee a bright future for this kid.”
Richard Ludlow • Financial Data Science Manager at Uber, formerly education tech startups and the US Treasury for President Obama. Via Twitter
“Well done Azaan, a fantastic achievement. You've a very bright future.”
Kevin Byrne • Founder of Checkatrade.com (Sold to HomeServe in 2017 for £91 million). Via Twitter
“That's awesome, Azaan! I thought I did well doing my Maths GCSEs at 14 but you're on a different level Azaan! Doing so much at just 11 - achieving an A star in GCSE Maths and now founding your first Startup. I'm sure it'll rock!.”
Janu Shan • Founder & CEO careiq.health.